We live in a time where mobile applications rule. From better connectivity to smarter organization, mobile apps do it all.

IMD specializes in building mobile apps for all platforms.  IMD  uses a robust technology that allows the development of apps for all mobile platforms as well as Windows, MAC & Linux using one agile development method. This method provides the ability to develop for all common platforms quickly, which saves you time and money.

Today mobile apps need smart functionalities, sensible and intuitive UI, and a thought-out marketing strategy. And our custom mobile application developers offer more than knowledge – they offer imagination.

IMD's advantages:

  • Cost and time saving development methods
  • Strong, talented U.S. based in-house team
  • No outsourcing
  • Experienced usability and UX team
  • Experienced mobile app interface designers with imagination
  • Experienced mobile app developers
  • Coding Guidelines and Standards
  • Using the most up-to-date and emerging technology

For over a decade, IMD has developed apps that provide technological solutions for businesses, education and law enforcement. IMD has developed apps for food, games, photos, special events, CRM, criminal justice, good character education and non-profits.

InterMedia designers and developers work closely with our clients to create an online strategy for your company's website by incorporating the most creative architecture and state of the art design that perfectly reflect company ideals into the user's experience.

Enhanced Design

The design of your website greatly effects the impression that a customer acquires of your company. An appealing and attractive design captures a visitors attention in your products and adds to your company's online marketing promotions. InterMedia designers and developers work to provide your company's site with the most superior design using creative online architecture, and state of the art web design.

HTML5 Development

A site with movement, interactivity and animation creates a lasting impression. HTML5 web design is an effective method to add eye catching action to your web site. InterMedia can design and integrate unique, low-bandwidth HTML5 elements into your website to create a professional, high-impact web experience.

Navigation and Layout

Along with website organization, another important factor is creating an easy to understand navigation for your site. InterMedia develops web pages that allow visitors to get around the site with ease. This helps your visitor find the information they want quickly. InterMedia creates a well-organized layout that allow your visitors to surf smoothly through your site.

E-Commerce offers vast growth opportunities for businesses, Selling products or services online requires planning and development. InterMedia can aid you to integrate your Ecommerce needs into the site by listing your products and services and adding features such as: a shopping cart, order forms, real-time credit card payment, shipment tracking, actual (UPS,FedEx,USPS) shipping rates and inventory control management. Using our CMS applications, products can easily be added, deleted, or updated. Categories and Sub-categories of products can also be implemented for efficient organization. We offer security features such as encrypted storage data and SSL support. These functions are supported by our back-end CMS applications that allows for real-time editing of site information, thereby increasing the usability of the site and the productivity of your business.

Payment Options

Offline payment processing

Orders can be processed offline in batch mode by exporting the information securely in many different formats. See Import-Export Feature section for more details on formats. IMD's export module includes an export generator that allows you to define the information and the sequence order data is exported. Confidential payment information is encrypted and maintained in a secure database.

Online payment

IMD's Ecommerce applications are designed to work with all of the best credit card processing services for real-time processing, as well as the other popular online forms of payment.

  • Paypal
  • Venmo
  • Zelle
  • Apple Pay
  • Credit cards
  • Checks
  • Purchase Order

U.S. tax calculation by states


  • Real-time quotes USPS
  • Real-time quotes UPS
  • Real-time quotes FedEX
  • Shipping quotes by order total
  • Free shipping rules based on order total or coupon
  • Customer order status and shipment details are notified through e-mail.

Shopping cart

Today, customers expect a personalized online shopping experience. E-Commerce shopping cart usability is an important factor for online stores to deliver an enjoyable shopping experience, and provide you with the tools to manage it effectively. InterMedia has spent the last 15yrs developing and enhancing our shopping cart modules that are designed for ease of use with flexible customizations. For security, the shopping cart applications receives the customer information securely using SSL. All sensitive information like credit card numbers are encrypted before being stored in a secure database.

Order forms

InterMedia integrates order forms for customers as a way to increases transactions. The order forms are convenient, and can increase your online sales while offering your customers the safety they demand for doing business with you.

Secure SSL

SSL encrypts data, like credit cards numbers which prevents online predators from stealing your information for malicious intent. The Secure Socket Layer (SSL) system serves to help promote the security and integrity of e-commerce. InterMedia applies the SSL system to ensure that private information remains secure, which in turn, increases customer confidence. Inventory management


IMD's coupon module allows you to easily create a sale for any product, group of products or service. The intuitive coupon admin function allows you to create coupons for many types of sales. Each coupon can be private or public. Private coupons are used to target sales to specific groups using sale campaigns and can only be used if the coupon code is provided by the customer. Public coupons are sales that are made available to all customers. Each sale or coupon has a predefined start date and time as well as an expiration date and time. The following are the types of coupon sales currently available:

  • % off
  • $$ off
  • sale price
  • free item

Coupons can be created to require the customer to satisfy one of the following requirements to qualify for the discount:

  • purchase over a certain dollar amount
  • purchase one or more items from a predefined group of products
  • purchase over a predefined number of products

InterMedia's inventory management system allows you to have complete control of inventory, information about the cost (MSRP, Price, Sale Price) of the inventory, quantities on hand, quantities committed and quantities sold in real-time.

Performance Reporting

Measuring performance is an essential part of any business. InterMedia integrates performance reporting features such as sales reports, campaign reports, category performance, product performance reports, and the ability to export customer data.

InterMedia has developed a system that allows you to have control of editing and maintaining your web site's dynamic content and information in real-time. A back-end application with an integrated database that is accessible via any web browser with the valid user name and password. It allows an administrator to change images or text on the website. Once the authenticated user has logged in, a number of menus appear that allows the administrator to make any desired changes. No programming or advanced computer skills are required to make these changes.

CMS module allows users to easily add custom pages, upload new pictures and documents, quickly edit any dynamic page that requires updating (such as news or policies), create and manage email and online forms, and update a product list.

Information Architecture

An administrator can change the site architecture from different levels, the CMS module allows you to add any number of categories and any other number of sub categories. This control panel permits the user to make the categories active or not. You can show these new sections/pages on the web or hide them when you are working.

Visual Design

Design can be modified in virtually any way you desire.

Site Style

A unified style or different kinds of styles can be created with the use of colors based on predetermined needs. In addition to having the ability to change the text files and tables, the text editor also allows you to add documents such as MS Word, PDF, MS Excel, or rtf.

Picture Gallery

You can upload any number of pictures that can be published or just kept on the server without showing on web. A number of features also allow you to create thumbnails on the site.

Calendar Feature

Articles or content on the pages can be made public at a specific time and can be withdrawn from the web automatically. This feature is important for time sensitive material.


Product images and information can be edited in any way you desire.


Statistics are provide for products and customers, bestsellers, and product reviews for an interactive shopping experience.

Search Feature

  • Quick search on every page
  • Advanced search
  • Most Popular
  • Sales/Clearance

Keyword Search

Keyword search is a very popular feature to navigate a site. It allows the user to easily navigate the site using words or search phrases to locate the product or service they desire.


The newsletter feature is an integrated system where your visitors can select to receive the newsletter with the latest news. The visitors' information is kept private and secure in the database.

At any time a company can add news, sales promotion or events that can be published with a calendar feature. Users can browse through the news articles and write comments about a specific topic if configured to allow comments.

Additionally, the CMS module can be integrated with the other systems (odbc format or xml). The entire system can be extended to larger scale solutions since the entire database is based on a SQL database.

Add, delete, and modify pages

Our CMS module has features that allow you to instantaneously add, delete, or modify pages as desired.

Edit, add, and delete content

IMD's CMS module also is equipped with a variety of editing tools so that a company can style and edit their content in any way.

Import-Export Feature

  • Products mass update CSV format
  • Products mass update MS Excel format
  • Products mass update XML format
  • Product images mass update
  • Product data export in XML format
  • Orders information export in XML format
  • Orders information export in MS Excel format

InterMedia develops Intranet/Extranet solutions for your organization to increase efficiency and enhance communication within your organization. Intranet and Extranet deployment is important for today's growing industries, because it allows for easy and efficient communication. Small companies can easily save ten of thousands of dollars each year. Medium to large companies can save hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

An intranet system is a private secure internal website that is used by your employees. You can create a action tracker system for assigning tasks to employees and post important news and events, or develop a company knowledge base that allows employees to research company documents and other important data. An Intranet also allows network connections of authorized clients using standard internet protocols, TCP/IP, and HTTP. It is an IP-based network behind a firewall, or several firewalls connected securely.

Extranets enables business to easy work with partners and customers. Extranets help improve networking and supply chain management. The encryption technology employed by IMD ensures that all data shared is secure. SSL technology helps maintain that your information and data remains confidential. InterMedia offers a variety of security intranets and extranets for the most secure of businesses.

Benefits of intranets

    • Better company-wide communication
    • Improved customer service
    • Improved document management
    • Training via e-learning
    • HR documents and policies
    • Integrating E-mail so that information can be distributed effectively.
    • Reduction in paperwork
    • Huge savings in printing

Benefits of extranets

    • Single user interface between you and your business partners
    • Improved security between you and your business partners
    • Integrated supply chains
    • Shared news with partner companies
    • Exchange large volumes of data
    • Simplifies ordering your products and services
    • Huge savings in printing

e-Business is no longer a buzzword; it is a reality in which internal and external business systems customers, financial partners, suppliers, and support operations communicate and execute transactions instantly and automatically. These emerging electronic business-to-business (B2B) relationships require a new type of integration technology that is dependent on intelligent, flexible middleware layers that glue disparate applications, databases, and processes together.

B2B Application Integration is a comprehensive guide to the concepts, techniques, and technologies that enable application integration, the technical foundation of e-Business. Noted application integration expert David Linthicum details real-time application integration solutions and explains how middleware layers work to create a seamless whole out of numerous independent systems, both within and between enterprises.

IMD's has experience in all the five types of B2B application integration: data-oriented, application interface-oriented, method-oriented, portal-oriented, and process integration-oriented. B2B Application Integration also describes in detail available middleware technologies and existing and emerging B2B application integration standards. Specific topics covered include:

    • Enabling B2B application integration standards, including JSON, XML, .Net, BizTalk, and XSLT
    • Message brokers and B2B integration servers for B2B application integration
    • EAI technology and B2B application integration
    • Database-to-database integration models
    • Integrating with packaged applications and vertical market interfaces
    • Frameworks, distributed objects, and transaction servers formethod-oriented B2B application integration
    • Portal-oriented integration, focusing on Web enablement technologies
    • Digital exchanges and B2B application integration
    • Tools and approaches for process integration-oriented B2B application integration
    • Transactional middleware, including Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB), Transactional COM+, and their use with application servers
    • Java middleware standards such as JMS, EJB, J2EE, and RMI
    • Traditional RPCs and Message-Oriented Middleware (MOM)
    • Distributed objects, including CORBA and COM+
    • Database-oriented middleware, including ODBC, JDBC, and OLE DB

It is important to promote your website. Just just having a website does not guarantee people will be able to find the site on the Internet; that's why InterMedia strives to promote your website and make it a success for you. Through our proven promotional services, our team will make sure that your website has a significant amount of visitors who are interested in your products and services.

Complete Search Engine Submission

IMD's marketing staff will submit your site to all of the top search engines. Having more sources with which to find your web site will ensure that the online community can always locate you.

Search Engine Ranking Enhancements

Not only is it important to be listed with many search engines, but how easy it is to find your site and how well it ranks are also important factors. IMD will develop and implement a comprehensive strategy for your site to optimize performance on search engines.

Complete Directory Submission

There are many online directories that allow the online community to access your company information and products. IMD will make sure that your company is listed on the top industry directories. We will work closely with you to determine the best directories to target your online marketing strategy.

Blog Submission

Blogs are a great way of getting the word out about a new web site. They are accessed by professional people and are targeted to those who have an interest in your industry. Using blogs we can send out company announcements, press releases, and information on your products and services.

Banner Advertisement and Placement

InterMedia can create banner ads that portray the image of your company and will attract visitors to your site. These ads are placed on the sites that will attract your targeted visitors.

Exchange of Links with Supported Sites

Link exchange with other sites is a great way of attracting interested visitors and increase your rankings in the online search engines. InterMedia will link your site with those that have visitors you want to attract, by placing links or banner ads.

Targeted E-mail

E-mail is the fastest growing medium of communication. IMD can send e-mails to target the audience of a specific industry. Using blogs we can send out company announcements, press releases, and information on your products and services.

Site Performance Monitoring and Analysis

InterMedia's system generates monthly reports to track the results of your monthly promotions. The report includes the total hits from banner ads, links, and search engines. It also show you the browsing habits of your visitors.

InterMedia develops and implemented a comprehensive online marketing strategy as well as a Mod Rewrite Engine for your site to optimize performance on search engines. Not only is it important to be listed with many search engines, but how easy it is to find your site and how well it ranks are also important factors.

The mod rewrite engine is a piece of web server software used to modify URLs before fetching the requested item, for a variety of purposes. This technique is known as URL rewriting. The benefits derived from a rewrite engine are:

  • Making website URLs more user and search engine friendly
  • Preventing undesired "online linking" or "hot linking"
  • Not exposing the (web address-related) inner workings of a website to hackers

    Visit our "Web Marketing" for more information.

Statistics and Analysis

Online Statistics provide a complete overview and detailed descriptions of how many people visited the site in the last 24 hours, last month, last year or total visitors. It also presents the information of where the hits are coming from, whether from a search engine or specific ip address. Additionally, the search feature lets you know what specific users are looking for on specific sites.

Google Analytics

We recommend using Google Analytics for web traffic statistics. Google helps you attract more of the traffic you are looking for, and helps you turn more visitors into customers. Google Analytics assists you in learning more about where your visitors come from and how they interact with your site. Use Google Analytics to learn which online marketing initiatives are cost effective and see how visitors actually use your site. This feature aids you in making informed site design improvements, drive targeted traffic, and increase your conversions and profits.

Forums and blogs are great tools to keep the communication going between your company and customers. Customers would be able to access the blog or forums on your company's web site and entering their comments or feedback on a specific topic. Your company can then respond and establish a long lasting dialog with your customers.

Online Forms Integration

InterMedia can assist your company in turning paper forms into online forms, enabling the viewer to see the information in a digital format. This becomes more efficient for your company to receive and process the information when the forms are placed on your website. Additionally, customers can easily access the forms online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Online Surveys

A business looking for feedback on their products or services can also use online surveys. Online surveys can be set up on a company's web site or extranet and integrated into the overall design. InterMedia can assist you in setting up online survey forms that can be dynamic and updated by your company administrator or third party.