About Us

About Us

by imdAdmin

Technology Solutions that Drive your Business

InterMedia Development (IMD) is an interactive multimedia and software development firm that has been providing clients innovative and state-of-the-art design solutions since 1993. 

IMD may not be a household name but most households have benefited from one or more of IMD’s technology solutions. From major corporations to small businesses and startups, IMD successfully designs and implements technology solutions that enhance productivity, efficiency, security and sales.

If you’ve ever visited a Jack-In-the-Box quick serve restaurant, then you’ve benefited from one of IMD’s designs.  Jack-In-the-Box places a high priority on your in-store and drive thru experience.  IMD designed a simulation program to facilitate the most quick and efficient way for you to receive your order while preserving accuracy and the highest food quality possible.

When you think of doing business online or in an app, one your first concerns is security.  You’re not alone. Online security has been IMD’s primary focus since the beginning of the Internet.  Led by founder Michael Kelley, IMD designed and implemented the first secure method of transferring medical information over the Internet to be approved under HIPAA regulations.  Based in San Diego, IMD went on to create the first e-commerce websites and secure ecommerce applications used in Southern California.

Xerox Robotics Project 1990

In addition to complex online security systems, in the 1990s IMD designed Robotic automation systems for Global 500 Companies; Boeing, Siemens, General Dynamics, Chrysler and Xerox.  Our founder’s vision has always been to build solutions that enhance a worker’s productivity, not to replace human interaction.  IMD is vested in every client’s success and training a company’s existing team to implement and use their systems is part of every installation.

From corporations to kids, IMD has also developed online and mobile solutions for a children’s character education program, Good Character Rocks! and the legendary non-profit, International D.A.R.E. America.

As technology changed, so did IMD.  In 2010, IMD launched its first mobile application.  In addition to apps that provide technology solutions for businesses, IMD has developed apps for food, games, photos, special events, criminal justice and non-profits.

IMD’s latest project will make its debut at the start of 2022.  This new and innovative mobile application is not designed for one particular client but rather for every business and every consumer.  When asked what drives him, Kelley responded, “I revel in other people’s success!  There’s no greater satisfaction than designing something that literally changes people’s lives for the better.  We’re really excited how this new technology solution will provide a great service to both businesses and consumers.”